Girl.Law student.Madridista.Gooner. this thing is about Real Madrid and it is mainly football related so if you don't like these two things you know what not to do.
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Excuse my rant please but i feel like i need to get off my chest.

Real Madrid will forever be a team of 11 players and not a one player’s team, that’s what i hope for as a fan who fell in love with the history the quality of the club and not a particular player. But even if i am a fan there are things i don’t appreciate sometimes.

Florentino Perez is a dream president to any football fan he sings stars and always tries to bring the best to the club, but unfortunatly in doing so he’s not being fair to plenty of our talented players.

Robben Ozil Diego and now Di Maria to name some are top quality players that any club dreams of having they have talent class and there is not doub that they loved the club and gave their all, and even though i am not a dedicated fan of these players as a Madridista i appreciate all our players the same way.

So seeing such talented players leave even though they did nothing wrong they were at their top form when they left sure hurts. Aren’t we more worthy of their talent than any other club out there they came young to the club and we saw them grow and develop we deserve to enjoy their top form. But unfortunately Perez has other ideas, Even though i can understand why he sold them and why he signed new players from a financial and some other areas i don’t see it from a footballing area. Yes Gareth Bale is a top quality player but we don’t need to have every top player in our team if we have enough talent already, that’s what brings trophies. James is an amazing player as well no one can deny his talent and every team dreams of having him, it is not right to sign him based on 5 or 6 decent games for all that money and chase away one of our best men from last year. Just because they both have star qualities and sell more shirts, football is not about selling shirts it’s about values talent and glory.

It’s obvious what our last year’s team needed a striker a defensive midfielder and a right back, but we were surprised that we didn’t sign any of those and these position are still lacking. So many chances created and barely any goals xabi can’t play every game this season and Arbeloa can’t offer the same quality as Carvajal anymore but all that was ignored.
There is no need to rehash old memories but sometimes you have to because this policy is not stopping anytime soon it is hurting Real Madrid as a football club, it looks like we are not appreciating our players and keep switching them off with anyone who plays a decent game and who can sell shirts.
In my humble non important opinion Florentino needs to focus more on football than business this is what it’s all about after all Football and not money, a club can be the richest in the world and sells the most shirts and that would mean nothing without glory trophies and fans.

I hope nothing like this happens next year, i am afraid even Cristiano is not safe at this rate he’s not Spanish after all.

Anyway James Bale and everyone are our players now i wish them all the best and a great journey with Real Madrid, and i wish Ozil Angel Diego and everyone who unfairly left all the success in the world because they deserve it.

Hala Madrid y nada mas